The World cup

world cup

This event also goes by the name FIFA World Cup and has been in play since 1930. From its inception, it has taken place every four years, save for the years 1942 and 1946 as the Second World War disrupted sporting events at the time. The reigning champion is France, which won the 2018 tournament held in Russia. While many people cheer on American Football, the latter’s revenues are not even close to that of the World Cup. This event features 64 matches with billions of viewers closely following the action from across the globe. A single game can attract as many as seven billion dollars’ worth in wagers. That is how big this event is! If you want to bet about this event you can go Here

The Super Bowl

super bowl

This annual event features a play by the National Football League, which takes place in early February. It owes to a merger between the AFL and the NFL, with its history dating back to 1967. Many people follow the game from their homes, with food consumption in this day accounting for the second-highest of all events that take place in America. Its viewership is second to that of the UEFA Champions League. The event attracts bets in the tunes of billions of dollars.

March Madness

march madenss

Horse race gamblers look forward to this event, which takes place annually in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. It also goes by the name ‘The Run for the Roses.’ More often than not, it takes place on the first Saturday in May. The first such race took place in 1875, featuring thoroughbreds, a tradition that has held in the years that have followed. A horse must win all the three races for it to garner the Triple Crown. The 2019 race brought in over $250 million from bettors across the globe.



While this sport may not be as popular as it once was, it has a massive following across the globe. It features two people engaging in combat sport while adorned in protective gloves and headwear. The game takes place for a given time in the boxing ring as the players throw punches at each other. The winning comes down to scorecards or where one player can no longer take part in the competition. The Floyd Mayweather - Conor McGregor of 2017 brought in bets totalling more than $100 million. For a single game, that was quite a high amount.

World Series

wolrd series

This annual championship series features the Major League Baseball in Canada and the United States of America and has been in play since 1903. The winner results from a playoff that takes place in the fall season in North America. As such, it also goes by the name Fall Classic. The event features multiple games on which people can bet in the season finale. In recent years, it has garnered more interest from gamblers across the globe, with revenues reaching up to one billion dollars.

Cricket World Cup

cricket wolrd cup

This event, also known as the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, takes place every four years and attracts a large viewership, making it one of the world’s most viewed sporting events. It first started in 1975 and has since grown even bigger. While cricket may not be huge in America, it has quite many fans outside the country.

Rugby World Cup

rugby world cup

This tournament takes place every four years, featuring top international teams, where the winning team walks away with the Webb Ellis Cup. It features twenty teams and brings in millions in betting revenues.

Melbourne Cup

melbourne cup

Australia is home to this thoroughbred flat racing horse race that draws an international audience. It also goes by the name ‘the race that stops the nation’ and has quite a rich history.

Grand National

grand national

Great Britain hosts one of the most challenging horse races, which draws worldwide viewership. If you’re looking to make a kill, wagering on one of these events would significantly increase your chances of winning big. As long as you work with a reliable site, you should be well on your way to a win.
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