It is not uncommon for someone to whip out their phone and start making wagers. You have probably done it too while in line at the grocery store, in the middle of a meeting or another such space. Using a phone to place, wagers comes quite naturally to most people. It thus begs the question, why hasn’t tablet gambling taken hold in the society as much? What is the difference between using a phone and tablet when placing wagers? Well, we will look at some of the reasons in this piece:

smartphone vs tablet

Reduced Sales

When tablets first came into the market, people were quick to embrace them and bought them in the tunes of billions. Over time, however, the tablet market has reduced, with more people gravitating towards smartphones. As a result, there are fewer users, and thus fewer people making wagers on their tablet devices. Statistics show that the tablet numbers will continue dropping while smartphone sales will increase. In the future, people will thus rely more on their phones to make bets. Why is this the case? Well, think about it like this. Suppose twenty people go to the shop, and only two come out with a tablet while the rest get phones. Of these people, five are gamblers – one of whom got a tablet, and the rest got phones. Do you see why one option would be more prevalent than the other? That is the current situation across the globe.


smartphone vs tablet portability

Over time, people have become more appreciative of portable devices. They go for the smaller laptops, work with flash discs, and look for ways to reduce the load. In the same way, they embrace smartphones as they can easily fit these in their pockets. You do not even have to worry about where you will place the device. Women can carry these devices in their small handbags, and men can slip them into their trouser pockets. Not much thinking goes into this. You can have your casino or sportsbook anywhere, owing to the many apps you can install in these devices. When it comes to tablets, the situation is quite different. As much as you can load apps on the device, carrying it everywhere can be problematic. You have to think of where it can fit and how to accommodate its heft. If you are using a tablet instead of a laptop, there is convenience. But when comparing it to a smartphone, the latter takes the day. Do you want to see how different apps Look on mobile?


Mobile phones have been in the market for about two decades, during which people have grown fond of these devices. In the past, they worked as means of making calls and sending texts, with some featuring some basic games. Over time, they have evolved to a point where you can rely on them for almost everything. Not only can you keep up with social media trends, but you can also check your bank account balance and submit work using your phone. Not to mention listening to music, checking the weather, and now playing online games! One might argue that a tablet can handle pretty much the same tasks. While that may be true, you are unlikely to rely on your tablet to perform most of these functions. If anything, you would likely use the tablet only while gaming before switching to the phone for other tasks. Having a phone allows you to do everything from one device, reducing the hassle incurred in the switch. That is another win for mobile phones.


Mobile phones are handy in that you can place wagers even when you are on the move. Whenever you feel like trying your luck, you can whip out your phone, log onto an app or site and place your bet. After this, you can keep up with whatever you were doing before then. That is not the case with tablets in that you need special storage for them. That means that you cannot have them with you as you run some tasks outside the house or office. Tablets only work when you are in a given space.

Bigger Sizes

smartphove vs tablet size

Many people look to tablets for gambling, owing to their large screen sizes. An average tablet will feature a ten-inch screen, which allows you to see odds and stats easily. This big size made them the popular option when they first came into the market. However, over time, smartphones have increased in screen sizes of up to six inches. Before then, they had sizes of three to four inches, which made them unappealing. As they continue to provide more visuals to users, phones have become the more popular option.


When app developers are hard at work, they focus on smartphones as more people own these as compared to tablets. As a result, while an app may fit the tablet screen, it may look like it does not belong. Most optimization targets mobile phones, creating a downside for tablet users. Tablet gambling does take place across the globe, but not with as much zeal as smartphone gambling. If you place wagers from the comfort of your house and portability and convenience are not an issue, you can use a tablet. However, if you are after easy storage and versatility, among other benefits, a smartphone is the best option. If you want to see one of best betting apps for smartphone you can see our App list.