Our history

  • 1985

    of ZTE

  • 1999

    The first
    mobile phone

  • 2006

    in UK

  • 2010

    First SMT
    in UK

  • 2015

    4G launch

ZTE Revolution

  • Our message

    We are committed to the future of M-ICT (Mobile-Information & Communication Technology) and adding even more value, technology, and ease of use to our products. We will deliver products that are rooted in our new cool, green, and open (CGO) philosophy to deliver unmatched mobile experiences.

  • Facts & figures

    ZTE overall shipment of mobile devices (Smartphone: 48M, Feature Phone: 16.5M, MBB: 28M to 32M, Others: <5M) in 2014 is about 100 million units, of which 48 million units are smartphones with about 70% of the total mobile devices revenue.

  • Innovation

    More than 2,300 patent filings under Patent Cooperation Treaty in 2013
    No. 2 global ranking (Source: WIPO)
    No. 1 in PCT patent applications in 2011 and 2012 (Source: WIPO)
    More than 53,000 global patent applications filed
    More than 17,000 international patents granted
    Owns more than 800 essential 4G LTE patents (13% of global industry total)

A global leader

500 millions
sold globaly
107 offices
the world
60 millions
terminals sold
every year
60 000
in the world
18 R&D
in the world
16 000

in the world

Our activities

Equipment for mass market and professionals

Network and services


image/svg+xml FIBER ADSL RADIO

ZTE's Partner Operators

Since the organisation’s early days, ZTE has provided network operators with the equipment they need to build and maintain the telecommunications infrastructure that underpins so much of our daily lives. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, there is a strong chance that your voice and video calls, messages, and online activities are being made possible by ZTE equipment.

The first ZTE 3G-enabled mobile phones and smartphones landed in the UK in 2006, when they were predominantly distributed and marketed by operator partners as exclusive devices under their own brands. Operators were given the freedom to develop attractive packages and deals for consumers, within the terms of ZTE’s brand positioning and quality control.

Today, ZTE distributes and markets its devices under its own brand, while continuing to demand the highest standards of itself and its partners. ZTE prides itself on meeting rigorous international specifications, regulations, and standards, carrying out regular external audits, and securing relevant certifications.

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